6' x  5' x  16"
Steel,  2003

"Telltales" found at the Marina Lagoon, San Mateo

"Sculpture San Mateo 2003" brought three new sculptures to the city for prominent display in public locations. Marilyn Kuksht’s ‘Telltales’ is situated near the Marina Lagoon at the Lakeshore Recreation Center and evokes the spread and movement of a boat’s sail.

The sculptures, submitted by artists in a nationwide competition, were selected by a panel of jurors on the basis of their innovative design, use of materials and originality. The jurors were Susan Hillhouse, Curator of the Triton Museum in Santa Clara; Janet Bishop, Curator of Painting and Sculpture at SFMOMA; and Gary Parma of the City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation Commission. "Sculpture San Mateo 2003" was sponsored by the City of San Mateo and City Arts of San Mateo.