Reciprocities: Network Strength
14' x  14' x  5'
Steel and Stainless Steel with Paint and Patina,  2010

Live Oak Community Resource Center

The Live Oak Resource Center (informally knows as the Volunteer Center) is the home of two synergistic social service agencies in Santa Cruz County; the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz and the Live Oak Family Resource Center. Commissioned to create public artworks honoring the vast and varied work of these two community service organizations, Santa Cruz sculptor Marilyn Kuksht chose to symbolize two elements fundamental to their success but not always visible: networking and reciprocal reward. In each of three inter-related artworks, long graceful arcs symbolize the extensive and intricate networks among people and organizations that are needed for fundraising and delivery of the many services offered by the center’s resident agencies.

Supported on and withing the network of arcs are human figures representing people engaging with each other through the center. The figures may be interpreted as giving or getting help, or even helping themselves. It doesn’t matter because all of these actions are interdependent and rewarding. Rewards flow both directions, whether giving or recieving, which lends the artworks their collective title, “Reciprocities.”

“Reciprocities” is comprised of two large wall reliefs and a 14 foot sculpture suspended in the building’s two story lobby atrium light well. An 7' x 10' exterior stainless steel wall relief near the front entrance titled “Reaching Out” features two human figures with arms extended in gestures of hellp. Ascending along an interior stairwell is a second 14 foot long wall relief "Working Together" supporting several highly colorful interacting figures; this theme is continued in the more three dimensional sculpture, "Network Strength" dramatically suspended above the lobby atrium an highly visible from the second story mezzanine light well.